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With so many platforms for digital reading out there and so many established sites with rules regarding what books they'll post/advertise (to be featured on some sites, you have to have X amount of reviews and no lower than a 3.8 rating on Kindle; other sites will feature you no matter what), it may be difficult for you as an author to find a place that will post your brand spanking new release to the masses of readers across Kindle, Nook, Kobo and iBooks. We're hoping to change all of that with the Premier eBooks page, where every new release can receive the red carpet treatment and give it a chance to find its audience.

Here's how it works:

We have separated the site into genre categories. Email us the book links for Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iBooks--our only concern is that this site is for NEW books within a few weeks old to two months of publication; we want to be like a brick and mortar bookstore where the mass market paperback covers are ripped off after a certain amount of time (nice visual, eh?), and the hardcovers head to the remainder pile, making room for the new books on the shelves--and we'll list your book in its genre category for up to eight weeks. We will update your listing as a staggered release--in many cases, publishing to sites such as Smashwords and seeing the book listed on iBooks will take approximately a week, so it gives a nice balance for your titles--when you simply email us the link. Of course, in the course of those eight weeks, there will be other new releases that come in at the top of the page, pushing your book down. Those books will be in the same boat in eight weeks time. It's cyclical. Every book will receive eight weeks of time; it's not a "sponsorship," per se.

Our plan is to also utilize social media such as Facebook and Twitter to great effort; with the amount of genres we'll feature, we can have a daily share--i.e., on Mondays we share the Romance tab, Tuesdays Thriller, etc. That way, if someone misses the daily check of the site, there's always a chance they'll see it during the sharing on social media. Each day we'll also have a post on the home page of the new releases that we've received.


It's no secret that sites like this one make a percentage of the sale price of the books they display; a customer clicks the link and then buys the book through the site, the company in question gives a commission to the site. While we're building our page and our audience, we're going to keep the costs to you down: obviously if our viewing numbers are low, there's a pretty good chance your book won't see many eyes and it doesn't make fiscal sense to pay for something that isn't making you money. That said, if you're making money, we're making money. At some point, we'd like to charge for these listings; it would be a modest fee for eight weeks. At some point, we hope to be the one-stop shopping plaza for everyone's eBook needs. We're not there yet. We will be soon. With your help, we'll be there sooner than we think.

What we require of you:

Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apple links for your book (the entire link, not just the ISBN or ASIN)
A copy of the book cover in .jpg format
The book's description/blurb (in our experience, less is more; 100-150 words is a good barometer)

That's it!

Send it to We'll post it, and--hopefully--we'll sell some books.

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