Fast Forward
Released: February 1, 2013
Price: $0.99

Aspiring supermodel, Kelli Crawford seems destined to marry her hotshot boyfriend, but on her twenty-fifth birthday she wakes in the future as a fifty-year-old suburban housewife married to the now middle-aged high school nerd.

Trapped in the opposite life of the one she wanted, Kelli is forced to re-evaluate her life and discover what is really important to her. Will she overcome the hilarious and heartbreaking challenges presented to her and get back to the body of her younger self? Or will she be stuck in the nightmare of hot flushes, demanding children, raunchy advances from her husband and hideous support underwear forever? 

First Sight
Released: November 28, 2012
Price: $3.99

Maddy Smith writes for a trendy website in Washington DC, has two fabulous best friends, and her own apartment. When her handsome new colleague Travis Emerson moves to town, Maddy soon finds herself wishing for something more. After a misunderstanding between them occurs, not only is her hope for a relationship ruined, but their friendship is in jeopardy as well.

Is any chance that Maddy had with Travis over? Or could he possibly be what she’s been looking for all along?

Valentine From A Soldier
Released: January 14, 2013
Price: $2.99

Event planner Sarah Cooper is stuck in San Francisco the weekend before Valentine’s Day, missing her best friend’s bachelorette party. Special Forces officer Ryan Bradley is just passing through. After a chance encounter, their evening together leads to a night of red-hot passion.

When Sarah finally returns home, she discovers a secret from Ryan’s past that makes her question everything. Does their love stand a chance? Or was her night with him just one big mistake?

Enjoy this steamy romance this Valentine’s Day! Valentine from a Soldier is the second book in the Soldier Series Romance Novellas.

Christmas With A Soldier
Released: December 16, 2012
Price: $2.99

Single-mom Meghan Jones is heading home to finish last-minute Christmas preparations with her five-year-old daughter. Major Trent Harrison is returning to town to say goodbye to his father. When a sudden snowstorm leaves them both stranded, heated animosity between them quickly turns into a night of sizzling passion.

Is Trent what Meghan has been searching for? Are Meghan and her daughter what Trent never realized he was looking for all along?

Enjoy this steamy romance this holiday season! Christmas with a Soldier, the first story in the Soldier Series Romance Novellas.

Ascent of Blood
Released: December 10, 2012
Price: $2.99

Sometimes, love is conceived in the mind of a man long before it is ever realized. 

1990, Cardiff, Wales. Vampire prince, Sebastian Pearce, has waited six-hundred years for the right human mate. His own beloved mother was a mortal capable of carrying immortal offspring. While vampires no longer require live donors for sustenance, Mother Nature has played a cruel trick on them making breeders a rare commodity. As numbers in Sebastian’s Imperial House continue to dwindle, his virgin bride eludes him. That is, until he happens upon a young woman searching for information about a sacred vampire text, the Book of Descent. Sebastian’s desire for her is more potent than anything he’s felt for another woman, but Everleigh Marbut isn’t innocent. She’s an American with a mind of her own, and worst of all, she’s already carrying an immortal being. As Sebastian and Everleigh fight their attraction to each other, they don’t realize they’re being lured into a battle pitting medieval myth against the power of modern science to recreate life until it’s too late. 

The destiny of his lineage, and the bond forged between them, now rests in their acceptance of each other as they are.

Descent of Blood
Released: October 26, 2012
Price: $1.99

When times are darkest, some vampires desire more than blood …

England, 1465. Mortal men clash in the War of the Roses for the English crown, while vampire warriors’ move undetected among their ranks, savoring the flow of blood that battlefields provide. 

Vampire prince, Severian Pearce, fears the revelation of the immortal clans to humankind should King Henry fall from power. While in pursuit of Henry’s enemies, Severian comes to the aid of Meridian Neville, a human woman he craves—and not for the scent of her blood … Meridian is torn between honoring her father’s dying wish and her unexplainable yearning for Lord Severian. But as Severian and Meridian work together to protect a relic hunted by mortals and immortals alike, the red veil descends over them. This all-consuming attraction can drive immortals to the brink of madness. Will the existence of this powerful bond between a human and a vampire be enough to unite the immortal clans or is the red veil a scourge set on destroying any chance they might have of happiness?

Released: January 4, 2013
Price: $1.99

A rare and mysterious supernatural creature known as a Cruxim, Amedeo has but one mission—to rid the world of vampires. But when one of the two women he loves becomes one, and the other, a female Sphinx who has joined him on his crusade, is abducted and at risk of eternity in a cage in evil Dr. Gandler's Circus of Curiosities, what will he sacrifice to save one or both of them?

This gothic paranormal novel explores the beast within amid a setting of mythology and forbidden love. Cruxim's dark world and conflicted characters are the antithesis of the sparkly vampire genre.

Bedding Her Billionaire Boss
Released: January 25, 2013
Price: $0.99


Dana Daniels considers herself to be the consummate professional and she would never, under any circumstances, mix work with pleasure. She’s got the reputation of being the ‘office bulldog’ and has killed the hopes of many an interested male co-worker. But when her kindly boss is replaced by a rigid block of stone, that’s when she knows that she’s in trouble. Because the man who now runs the show, a man she would love to hate, is the only one who has ever made her want to forget the rules and partake of forbidden fruit. But how can she afford to give in to her desires? The man is her boss, after all.

From the first day he lays eyes on her, Rockford St. Stephens is blown away by his executive assistant. Much good that will do him, though. The woman hates him from day one…and she says so. But although he knows how she feels, he can’t resist the pull of attraction. Boss or not, he wants Dana Daniels. And if ever there were a situation that could lead to trouble, this is it. Can he afford to go down that road?

Conflict meets passion – a heady combination…

A Heart Broken
Released: January 10, 2013
Price: $2.99

The war is over, Sanderson is home, and life is good ... until the Army comes knocking. They've charged him with murder and challenged him to a bloody mission, leaving Charlotte home to deal with a complicated pregnancy before a rash of hydrophobia threatens her home -- and Sanderson, too.

Evil's Subterfuge
Released: October 11, 2012
Price: $3.99
iBooks (coming soon)

With the artfully designed downfall of Pandora's Elite Chasers in the works, not only do they have the Evil's of the world to track down, they now have a saboteur lurking in the shadows. 

Samel is visiting his brother as he gets married. Finally! And to think, this time next year will be his turn for his own search.

His visit is supposed to be simple. No big deal. Help his brother pack a few things, watch him get married, and bring him and his bride home to his family. Instead, he's blindsided when the fates apparently decided to get involved.

The Time Contessa
Released: January 12, 2013
Price: $0.99

The Time Contessa is an adventure to Siena, Italy, 500 years into the past and 100 years into the future. Something has gone wrong with an historical timeline, causing a famous painting to disappear from the world’s conscious memory, surfacing only in people’s dreams. Two members of MIT’s Chronology team, Dr. Cassandra Reilly and her colleague Jake, must go to Renaissance Siena to repair the timeline so the artist who painted the portrait of a beautiful woman known as Giuliana will ultimately live to complete it. However, the past holds many pitfalls, both dangerous and romantic, that Cassandra must stay clear of, while trying to prevent Jake falling prey to them as well. The time-travelers’ problems follow them to the future, where love takes such a strong hold it becomes impossible to resist, and past adversaries resurface to create new threats. Book Three in The Time Mistress Series.

My Lonely Heart
Released: January 18, 2013
Price: $0.99

It’s Valentine’s Day and Holly is alone again. Darren is away on business as usual and Holly doesn’t know how she’s going to get through the day. But with some sage advice from the rehab center’s favorite patient, 85 year-old Mary, Holly just might find a way to save her marriage.

Ring Out The Old
Released: December 10, 2012
Price: $2.99

So far, Jen Prescott has been able to manage her life, balancing three kids, a job and chronic illness. Midnight trips to the emergency room are nothing new, but this time, it’s one of her daughters who is ill. If ever she needed her husband, it’s now. But David has had enough of sickness and announced his intention to move as far away as he can get.

Jen must start over somehow; finding a new home, finding the strength to build a new life for her children. The bungalow behind Billy Easton’s house seems like a good beginning, but Jen has no idea that Billy is hiding his own pain or that her arrival will force him to face that pain.

Beyond Parallel
Released: December 26, 2012
Price: $2.99

One boy. One girl. One insignificant moment that changes their lives forever.

Bella and Clark are two young twenty-somethings, finding themselves in a chaotic and crazy world. One craves love; the other avoids it. Will they find one another, or will a single what-if moment send them down different paths?

In the same mould as Sliding Doors, Uncertainty, and Smoking/No-Smoking, Beyond Parallel flips between two parallel tales. One follows Bella and Clark as a couple, the other as if they never meet. 

Friendships, careers, dreams, fantasies...their lives are no different to yours or mine.

Follow their journey over a fast paced, mazy two-years. Highflying careers, book tours, teaching teenagers, hipster warehouses, coffee shop hangouts, a despicable salesman...they're all confronted.

It's incredible how a small, everyday decision can affect how you look, where you live, the people you love, and who you become. We could all live a billion lives, but we're only given one. Is it all a game of chance, or are Bella and Clark meant to be?

Stolen Heart
Released: January 21, 2013
Price: $1.99

Smokin’ hot and firmly entrenched in bachelorhood, Kieran Dunne has realized his life has become somewhat boring as of late. But after being recruited by his Queen to recover a stolen, magical artifact, his life gets turned upside down as he embarks on an adventure to catch a thief.

Nightclub owner, Annika Foss leads a solitary life in New York City and she wouldn’t have it any other way. Unfortunately, she is forced to help Kieran in his mission to recover the artifact and finds herself jumping dimensions with him as they work together to solve the crime.

See what happens when two fiercely independent people who shun love are thrown together in a daring mission to help save the world of Vyronas.

Second Chance
Released: January 20, 2013
Price: $0.99

Enter the magical world of Vyronas, an alternate dimension existing on the planet Earth. 

War hardened and dangerously ruthless, Carrick Dunne, will stop at nothing to save his country from an evil sorceress who has usurped the royal throne. As he leads his army to battle against the darkest of blood magicks, he finds himself aligned with the passionate woman whose love he betrayed four years earlier.

Ava Clairmont lived a peaceful life in Wyoming, blissfully unaware that she was the heiress to a kingdom embroiled in a vicious war. Now, Carrick has brought her home. Fighting side by side with the sexy warrior that broke her heart is only complicated when their incendiary desire for each other re-ignites. Can the power of forgiveness overcome the hurt of betrayal?

How Ninja Brush Their Teeth (action, adventure, light romance)
Released: January 14, 2013
Price: $0.99

What does a ninja do when he loses his job as an esteemed operative in a secretive ninja clan and finds himself faced with the dreadful monotony of a nine-to-five job?

He punches bikers in the face.

Vampire Takeover
Released: January 24, 2013
Price: $2.99

The end of the world didn't come from a nuke bomb or natural disaster. Society's downfall came from ruthless and bloodthirsty vampires. 

Survival became priority number one. 

Preston Mitchell is fighting to survive after the loss of his family. He is coming of age in a world ruled by evil night creatures. 

A chance encounter brings him to Darcy Rose and her family farm. She is also a teen living on her own. Because of her, Preston learns the true meaning of determination, love, and what it takes to be a man.

Released: January 20, 2013
Price: $3.99

Life on a southern plantation was never easy, especially for the average slave. Born with sacred powers and ancient wisdom Aunt Tempie is far from average. She is highly respected for her ability to heal. Whispered rumors of what she might be capable of cause a few to fear her. When the Civil War breaks out Aunt Tempie is able to keep complete control of her tranquil life on Compton Plantation.

Neither her sacred powers nor her ancient wisdom were enough to protect her from heartbreak when Garret walked out of her life many years ago. When she learns Garret will return to her life Aunt Tempie must face the pain she buried long ago.

When Noonday Ends
Released: December 26, 2012
Price: $3.99

When a new attorney accepts a pro-bono case of a woman suspected of attempted homicide, he ends up with more than he bargained for. She's the ex-wife of one of the oldest and wealthiest families in Ashville, and her in-laws will stop at nothing to conceal family secrets--even murder.

Unable to ignore his attraction, he gets closer than he should. But when all evidence points to the woman he's falling in love with, he will risk everything--his reputation, disbarment, maybe even his life to uncover the truth.

Released: December 18, 2012
Price: $3.99

When a young woman moves to Boston to escape her past she realizes there's more than meets the eye with the landlord and her mysterious new best friend. What happened to the owner of this Boston brownstone and what secrets lie within its walls and continue to torment? And is she actually running back to her past instead of from it?

Not Fade Away
Released: December 6, 2012
Price: $2.99

When Roy Cantello, lead singer with chart-topping band The Raiders, had an affair with Livvy Grant, a young singer half his age, it was to change his and wife Sammy's lives forever. Roy fathered a daughter. Livvy handed baby Harley to he and Sammy to bring up as their own and then vanished from their lives, only to reappear when Harley was sixteen. Roy became reinvolved with Livvy and when she claimed to be pregnant again with his child, Sammy divorced him. The child wasn't Roy's, but the son of Livvy's late husband. Roy has raised Danny as his own. He and Livvy had a son the following year but their relationship failed. Roy remarried his wife Sammy six months ago and shares joint custody of the two little boys with Livvy. Everything is now warm and cosy in Roy's world, but not for long…

20 Shades of Purple
Released: September 1, 2012
Price: $0.99

Joanna and Otto Levell are ordinary, middle-aged, empty nesters; until Joanna reads a popular series on sex, bondage, and domination. Armed with sex manuals, marital aids, and the advice of her best friend Wendy, Joanna pushes the boundaries of their love life.

20 Shades of Purple is a delightfully naughty, fast-paced story which perfectly blends honesty, laugh-out-loud humor, and adult themes. This book contains sexual references and is intended for adult readers

Within A Man's Heart
Released: January 16, 2013
Price: $1.99

Four years after burying his young wife, New York sales executive Christian Crews still can’t move forward with his life. Day after day, treasured memories of his beloved Elyse continue to drift through his spirit like an endless procession of mournful ghosts. 

Chris wants to leave Manhattan—walk away from his job and the apartment he and Elyse once shared. He dreams of moving to New Hampshire, where he feels he just might have a chance of finding peace. But in his grieving mind, breaking away from those memories would be the same as abandoning Elyse—an unforgivable act of betrayal he could never live with.

Then, on the fourth anniversary of Elyse’s death, Chris makes two shocking discoveries, and a part of him begins to believe that she would want him to go on with his life. 

Two weeks later he makes the move to New Hampshire, and minutes after arriving in the small rural village of Mountain Step, he meets a beautiful local woman with mesmerizing gray eyes and a heart as big as the surrounding mountains. Beginning another emotional relationship may be the last thing on Chris’s mind, but he soon finds himself falling for Gina Elkin, every bit as hard as she’s fallen for him. 

Could there be a future for them? Will Elyse allow it? After all, she’s still deep within Chris’s heart—a place no one else has ever been.

The Girl In The Window
Released: December 20, 2012
Price: $2.99

When the house next door goes vacant after the death of his neighbor, Josh Randall resigns himself to watching it deteriorate. Instead, it blossoms. All he sees of his new neighbor, though, is glimpses of a girl in the window - until one morning when he spies her walking across their yards to his paddock....and his other mystery. 

He'd bought the yearling horse for its bloodlines as a harness racer, knowing it had problems. He just hadn't realized how many problems the horse had. Forced to consider selling it, the one thing he hadn't counted on was his mysterious neighbor. Can Josh help two wounded hearts heal each other?

The Single Daddy Club
Released: December 11, 2012
Price: $3.00

The Single Dad
Ex-military man Derrick Richmond. Solitary and satisfied…until little Timmy was dropped into his lap and Derrick had to learn to be somebody's daddy.

The Single Woman:
Schoolteacher Anna Maxwell. Fate might have denied her a family of her own, but Anna still had plenty of love to give, if only someone would notice.

The Solution:
Anna would teach Derrick all he needed to know about kids. Father and son would give Anna some precious memories. Then the schoolteacher and the single dad would go their separate ways. Unless one little boy figured out a way to make Miss Maxwell become his mom!

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