Friday, January 18, 2013

What's New? for 1/18

Happy Noon Time, everyone. We've had a busy morning here at Premier eBooks, as we've added five new titles to our bulging shelves and augmented a prior listing from yesterday.

We welcome mystery author Paul Levine to our pages as he brought along Last Chance Lassiter with him (Kindle only). Every-genre author Sean Sweeney stopped by with his brand new fantasy novel The Shadow Looms, a part of the Obloeron prequel series, as well as his mystery novella Voir Dire, the follow-up to Cold Altar. Both of those books have multiple platforms available.

Author Valerie Douglas brought along her new romance novel, The Girl In The Window (Kindle only), and we welcome Peter M. Leschner, who brought his debut children's book, The Sapphire Prism Cave, available on multiple formats.

In addition, we received the Nook placement for Tiffany Towers' erotica novella Santa's Virgin, and that's listed on the erotica tab.

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