Sunday, January 27, 2013

What's New? for 1/27

Happy Sunday morning everyone! It's a beautiful morning here. We have coffee, scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese and fresh rosemary, bacon, toast... and new eBooks on the site. In fact, if you haven't been with us since Thursday, well, you've missed a BUNCH of new books that you're sure to love.

We have four to tell you about this morning, starting with V.A. Jeffrey's Schisms, which is listed under the Sci-fi/Fantasy tab.

Then we have a couple of Romances, with Sara Barnard's A Heart Broken and Judy Angelo's Harlequin-like Bedding Her Billionaire Boss under the Romance tab.

Then for those who like something steamy before they head out to church, check under the Erotica tab for Jan White Pillatzke's A Grave Desire, a sexy story set in World War II.

We've had over 30 books added to the site this weekend, which means there's a little something for everyone, whether it be an edge of your seat thriller, a sexy romance, a whodunit mystery, some speculative fiction, steamy erotica--yes, even a cookbook.

And we have 84 books on the site, currently. I think there's room for more. Authors, if you wish to submit your book for listing here on Premier eBooks, by all means, send your book along: be sure to read our submission guidelines before you send it to us. We only want books published within the last couple of months so we can give them the red carpet treatment they deserve.

Edit: 11:49 a.m. -- We've just added VH Folland's Standing Guard to the Short Stories tab. Only 99 pennies for Kindle users.

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