Saturday, January 26, 2013

What's New, Take Two for 1/26

Love doing two updates a day!

Sibel Hodge stopped by with a Gulten-Free cookbook that you may enjoy. That's on the Non-Fiction tab.

Lawrence Kelter brought over Counterblow, which you can find on the Thrillers tab.

Then, Kevis Hendrickson brought along his newest sci-fi novel, Rogue Hunter Inquest. Love his covers.

Then we received a visit from Ettie Gyles who brought along a pie--mmmm, apple--as well as her self-help book How To Help Your Grown Children Move Out. It's underneath the Non-Fiction tab.

PJ Morse brought over Heavy Mental, a Clancy Parker mystery which you'll find--where else?--under the Mystery tab. That cover has Robert B. Parker written all over it.

Georgina Young-Ellis brought the third book in her historical time-travel romance series, The Time Contessa, to us, and it's listed under the Romance tab.

Melissa A. Smith stopped by with a few books, three in fact: Her Snow Day Activities -- perfect for all the moms and dads out there who need something for their kids to do other than shovel and throw snowballs at each other--is under the YA/Children's tab, while Falling Stars is under the Thrillers tab. Then, there's the paranormal romance Evil's Subterfuge under the Romance tab.

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