Friday, January 25, 2013

What's New, Part Two for 1/25

I once thought that running was excellent exercise, one where I could work up a good sweat.

Yeah, and then I started this site. Boy, was I wrong. Let me wipe off the sweat here.... oops, I didn't get any on you, did I? Yeah, I got some on you. I'm sorry.

Anyway, getting serious -- we had a good chunk of new releases come to the site this afternoon, which necessitated a Part Two of What's New for today. Get ready for some awesome releases, folks!

We opened a new Urban Fantasy tab as we welcomed Gayle Ramage to the sweatshop. She brought by two titles, Tears of Gold and Trouble With Pixies, that we know you'll enjoy.

Then we have Reprobate on the Thrillers tab, as Martyn V. Halm stopped by.

Then we added some serious bulk to our Romance tab, with R.A. Hobbs' How Ninja Brush Their Teeth, a light romance with some action and adventure mixed in to keep it lively. Good lookin' ninja on the cover, too.

Then we have Sawyer Bennett's newly released paranormal romance series on the Romance tab, Second Chance and Stolen Heart. Check them out and leave your wallet fat!

On the Sci-fi/Fantasy tab, we have Billy Wong's Iron Bloom.

And we also have some yummy erotica titles by Lady O: Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve. Pass the egg nog!

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